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Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's talk about SEX-y hair that is.

 We all have our hair dilemmas. unruly curls, flat lifeless hair. short hair that stands straight up. or maybe just really damaged hair. Either way I think we might have found one of the end all be all hair product line. Below are some of the listed products that are made specifically for different hair types.
The line is from Sexy Hair Corporation.
Big Sexy Hair

Short Sexy Hair

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy

Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent

Healthy Sexy Hair Scalp Care

Curly Sexy Hair

Straight Sexy Hair

Silky Sexy Hair

Where to buy: Harmons, ,most hair salons. 
Price: $12-17

I have dry curly thick coarse frizzy out of control. I've been using healthy sexy hair shampoo, the healthy sexy hair leave in conditioner spray. and the curly sexy hair curl creme.

Although I find the shampoo dries out my hair, it might be because of the texture of my hair once using that with either the curl creme or leave in spray conditioner. Instantly gave me results my hair was drying faster and air drying with gentle curls and manageable soft hair, the key is keeping it even, although using too much of the curl creme will result in making your hair greasy so really please only use what you need to make sure that your hair isn't over worked by all the product.

The amount you get for the price is one of the best things about this, although it is in the higher price range, other brands would charge you much more, for half that amount of product that you receive buying from sexy hair.

The other thing I like about this is the amount of products for each of the hair situations and textures. Allowing for more people to mix and match their products according to their needs.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soap shop

So its that time again for adding a little more cleanliness in your life. We all know you can never get enough soap. I'm always looking for new lines that have great smells and textures. Recently I was given the chance to review a new brand of homeopathic/organic/homemade soaps.

The Company Expressions based out of Moorehead North Dakota! The company owner Shelly. Sent me a sampler pack of the following scents.

Lavender Soap: palm & coconut oils, purified water, shea butter, lavender bud, fragrance
Cup-O-Joe Mocha Soap: palm & coconut oils, purified water, ground coffee beans, fragrance
Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap: palm & coconut oils, purified water, shea butter, fragrance, natural whitening agent
Watermelon Soap: palm & coconut oils, purified water, shea butter, fragrance
Sandalwood Soap: palm & coconut oils, purified water, ground cinnamon, fragrance
Unscented Soap: palm & coconut oils, purified water, goat's milk, shea butter

Lavender: This was one of the scents I was the most curious about because lavender can come some many different it all depends on the amount that is put in and what it is mixed with it. This one is up in the air for me because I'm not a huge lavender fan so I found it a bit overwhelming but if you do love this scent I think it would be very relaxing for someone else. Although something do I adore about this one is the flakes of lavender inside the soap. I think it gives it a beautiful nature look that if bought in full size form would look gorgeous on the side of your tub or you sink in a soap dish.

Cup-o-Joe: I was very surprised by this because we all know expresso or coffee smells can be something that is very overwhelming and using something that you tend to avoid. This is a pleasant scent though. It leans more towards a "clean chocolate scent" it gives you a bit of a wake up when you actually use it. Its refreshing to not be overwhelmed but to get that little zing of energy in a bar of soap.

Baby bee Buttermilk: The name says it all. It smells just like a baby shampoo, its perfect for someone who loves a light natural clean scent nothing over powering but its enough to give you a hit of fragrance so that you don't feel like you were washed over everything. Its perfect for going into spring/summer. The only thing better than this? Would be to have a little bit of a fresh linen scent to make it a little bit stronger and longer lasting but either way I do enjoy this scent very much.

Sandalwood: Ahhh...this is hands down my favorite scent of the bunch. The best scent for summer. It's smooth and fresh and clean its definitely the sexier of the scents, yes i said it. Especially since its one of the most used scents in the best fragrances. The only thing I wish that it was slightly stronger so the scent was more noticeable and it lasted longer. The coloring of the fragrance makes this soap a beautiful pink color that would look great in any bathroom and goes great with the girly scent, I personally can not wait to buy this one in full size.

Unscented: This pretty much speaks for itself its perfect for someone who either does not like scents or can't use fragrance but enjoy a good organic soap. I would suggest this just for having a soap that gets you clean but doesn't interfere with your skin or allergies.

Watermelon: This one is a great summer treat. The sweetness might seem overwhelming when you first open the package. but you'll come to find out that it fades into a smoother scent throughout the day as it melts with your skin and slowly fades away into the night. But because it is so light I would suggest wearing only things and not adding any other kinds of scents through out your day although I have found washing first with the unscented does make it a little more noticeable since it washes clean of everything leaving room for the watermelon to bring its own flare.

Disclaimer. These scents were sent to me for free to try, I do not know the pricing of these items. You can find all the information at

Friday, March 23, 2012

Just slipping on a little that is.

Name: Rouge Volupte in No. 7 Lingerie Pink
Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
Price: $ 34.00
Where to buy: Sephora,, YSL counter,YSL.Com

It's that time of the year again! It's Spring, and you know what that means, all of your pastels are coming back into season. Especially the pinks.
Now we all know that every cosmetic company Revlon to Chanel is putting out a line of pinks. The problem is what pink would you like to choose?

The reason I love this pink so much is because not only does it come in a gorgeous container but it the lipstick itself is like nothing I've ever used. The texture goes on incredibly smooth similar to the feel of a Revlon lip butter, without a slimy,greasy feeling. No one likes their lips sliding around. We all know what I am talking about. Instead this gives a thicker creamy feeling that leaves you with a more moisturized texture. that floats over your lips instead of filling in the cracks and giving you that dried out look.

I would however suggest putting on a lip primer first the color payoff will be stronger and it'll help it last a little bit longer, and isn't that what we all want. The color is going to be different on different lip shades as with any other lipstick so I would suggest trying a hand swatch to get the best feel for it or head towards your local counter where they can sanitize it and actually try it

Another feature about this lipstick that I love is the flavoring. This light watermelon flavoring was a bit of a surprise to me I thought it would be like the usual lipstick taste. It was nice surprise so that might also be another reason you should try it on before you buy it just in case you hate the taste cause there is nothing worse then shelling out all that money and not being able to stand it on your lips.

If you're willing to take a dive in the little bit more expensive side of the pool I would highly suggest this lipstick, even if you just go and try it on you really have nothing to lose and it might make you love it even more!