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Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's talk about SEX-y hair that is.

 We all have our hair dilemmas. unruly curls, flat lifeless hair. short hair that stands straight up. or maybe just really damaged hair. Either way I think we might have found one of the end all be all hair product line. Below are some of the listed products that are made specifically for different hair types.
The line is from Sexy Hair Corporation.
Big Sexy Hair

Short Sexy Hair

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy

Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent

Healthy Sexy Hair Scalp Care

Curly Sexy Hair

Straight Sexy Hair

Silky Sexy Hair

Where to buy: Harmons, ,most hair salons. 
Price: $12-17

I have dry curly thick coarse frizzy out of control. I've been using healthy sexy hair shampoo, the healthy sexy hair leave in conditioner spray. and the curly sexy hair curl creme.

Although I find the shampoo dries out my hair, it might be because of the texture of my hair once using that with either the curl creme or leave in spray conditioner. Instantly gave me results my hair was drying faster and air drying with gentle curls and manageable soft hair, the key is keeping it even, although using too much of the curl creme will result in making your hair greasy so really please only use what you need to make sure that your hair isn't over worked by all the product.

The amount you get for the price is one of the best things about this, although it is in the higher price range, other brands would charge you much more, for half that amount of product that you receive buying from sexy hair.

The other thing I like about this is the amount of products for each of the hair situations and textures. Allowing for more people to mix and match their products according to their needs.

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