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Monday, June 20, 2011

O.P.I Shatter and Pirates of the Caribbean

First off I would like to apologize for the few of you that have read this blog and continue to read it for the enormous absence that I have left on this page. I have meant to do updates a lot sooner but as well all know life has a tendency to get in the way of everything else you try to plan.

Everyone knows about the shatter nail polish collection by O.P.I that originally started with the black shatter included in the Katy Perry nail collection at the start of her California dreams tour.
Many other nail polish brands have created similar collections including china glaze and essie
There are currently seven shades in the collection ranging from the silver shatter all the way to the famous black shatter. With every other color you can think of the in between.

All sell for $8.50
ulta ,essentials, select beauty salons

Black Shatter.
This is probably the most popular of the collection because it looks good with most colors and was the original, backing the stores up to 6 month back order waiting list. The coating of this color is also the cleanest and the best texture where many of the other brands tend have a shaker dried out look to them. The set time could be a little bit better it felt like forever before you could put the clear coat. Although it aloud you to fix your mistakes before it completely set, which in many eyes would be seen as a nice plus. It also has the advantage of looking its best with our without the clear coat making it a more versatile shade.

Navy Shatter.
There is really nothing positive that I can say about this shade except that it looks cool in the bottle and that is being over generous with my kind words. There is no between time, so the second that you put it on your fingers it sets and is a huge pain to get off your nails, it stands your skin giving your "smurf fingers" it took 5 minutes of straight scrubbing my fingers with nail polish remover to get the blue tint off my fingers. I say if your going to spend the money buy it for the pure fact that you want the entire collection because actually putting it on your fingers is a waste of your time and the nail polish you use as a base color.

White Shatter.
This another one of my favorites, the color is very clean and straight forward, great setting time and texture. Most importantly its the easiest to get off your fingers when you are ready for a new nail polish color. Because it such a neutral shade along with the black it looks great with really any color you put underneath it whether its dark or light, works well with any skin tone as well I've borrowed my friends thoughts on it and they loved it as well. If you do manage to come across this color since it is one of the faster shades to go first, buy it you won't regret it.

Red Shatter.
I'm pretty indifferent about this color only because it works really well on the technical part of actually using it, coats and wears well so there is really no issue there as well as has a great setting time so you can take care of you're mistakes fairly quickly without worrying about the rest of your manicure. The thing that I didn't really care about it was the that when you put it on most colors it turned a much darker color than what it appears to look like in the bottle so its kinda of a bummer in that aspect. I would say if you want to get it for collection to do so but otherwise I would suggest doing a tester to see how you like it.

Silver Shatter.
This was the shatter that was released on its own in the pirates collection, and I have to say if you can get your hands on this one as well, although I wish you the best of luck I had to go as far as getting it from a girl who has a opi color shop on ebay to get it. It is just a wonderful color everything from setting time to shading, I wore it over "steady as she rose" that was also from the same line that is reviewed further down on the page. It has the glittery look that everyone loves without out the stubburn actuality of having to put on real glitter nail polish, it really comes to life with a coat of gloss over the top. Truely a great buy, and worth every penny.

Turqouise Shatter.
Very similar review to the silver shatter above it has great clean color and works the best with a strong base color underneath it since its fairly transparent but still enough to get the job done to your liking, This is best done with a high shine gloss coat over it when your finishing to really make sure that looks the best that it can be. The only thing that I really didn't care for about this color is that it chipped the fastest out of all the colors in the collection still worth the buy.

Blue shatter
*read red shatter review*

harmons, select beauty stores

Pirates of the Caribbean.
This was probably one of the most anticipated collections that the company has put out in a very long time. Everywhere that I've went is continously sold out. The collection is really great for spring and summer because its alot of pale colors that would make you think of warmer weather.

Mermaid Tears
This was the hardest of the collection to find for me, its a soft pale green color similar to the color mischeivous mint from the recent "cutie" collection, essie also has a very similar color in their collection so if you can not find mermaid tears I would highly suggest looking into those colors. One of my favorite things about this color is that it has a wonderful wear, takes very few coats to make the color stable and is really easy to working. Very versatile being able to wear with both a matte or shiny finish. it looks really great underneath the silver shatter as well or cracked concrete crackle from china glaze.

On Stranger Tides.
This is my least favorite of the collection yes it has great color and wear as well as being versatile with the finishes. The color though is rough I have pretty average skin in the fair department but I would not consider myself pail, it kind of gave that impression that I had rotted nails like jack sparrow himself and well it was not a very attractive look. I had it on for about a day before I got sick of looking at it and changed the color, although one of my friends whos has slightly darker skin, had a much better result so if you are on the darker/tanner side I would recommend this for you. If you are on the paler,fair side I would suggest this a no go.

Steady as she rose.
This is one of the few colors that I can honestly say looks great on everyone with every skin shade that you could image. Just like the name says its a pale rose color that under the right light has a slight shade of purple tint to it. Its a pretty matte color that would be great for some who doesn't want a bold color on their nails. If your looking to liven things up some, add a thin layer of color to watch to make it truely shine.

Planks A Lot
This is the purple version of "steady as she rose" The color pay off is one of the best in the collection and a really fun color whether you are just hanging around the house or going out later that night, which is nice because sometimes we don't want to change the color between transitions. The color is really solid with just two coats. I wore this color for an entire week not scratches or chips and I tend to put my nail polish through hell on a daily basis. Major major points for this nail polish and a must buy, for any purple lover.

Skull and glossbones,
This one of the more plain colors in the collection its a matte grey with no shimmer which is nice if you are going to wear it to work, or somewhere important. It goes really well with any light transparent coloring over it. One of the best parings I had found for it was "not like the movies" from the katy perry collection it has a shimmer and a oil spill like affect. Great with by itself or with an overcoat another must buy you will not be sorry.

Sparrow me the Drama
Very similar to steady as she rose, the color difference is that its a slightly darker pink, was not a huge fan of this color because if your nails are not perfect its one of those shades that shows everything thing that you missed and chips really easy. This is another one of those colors to buy if your a nail perfectionist or you looking to complete your collection

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