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Monday, June 20, 2011

Surf Baby,Quite Cute,Fashion Flower.

I'm usually really good with getting almost everything in collections, but lately I feel a lot of the stuff is very same old same old. So I did manage to get a little something from each of the MAC collections.

All of these can be found at your local MAC counter or free standing pro shop
all these are limited edition collections if you ask one of the artists they may have
some of the items that have not sold out yet and its always worth the try

Surf Baby!

$15.00 - $32.50

Light - Lush Bronze

I can not even put into words how much I love this bronzer because I have a yellowish-pink to my skin I really can't wear blush a lot of the time because it tends to look like I have rosachea on me that is not always the best look. I found this and completely fell in love with it because its a shade beneath my beloved, "her own devices" from the venomous villains collection from the Disney line. If your looking for a warm but fairly subtle glow this is an awesome bronzer especially if your in the pre-tan stage of the summer like I am. Absolutely worth every penny

Surf the ocean
metallic crushed pigments
(the blue one)

These as everyone knows were the rarest thing to find there is a purple set as well I went to mac the day the collection came out and they were already sold out. This was like at noon lunch time?
I got a call from a girl I know at my local mac counter that they had gotten the blue set in so I was able to race over there and purchase it. I have a lot of mixed reactions about this because each of the pigments in the stack are different from one another.
The gold was just a complete fail at least in the one that I had received. It came in a huge gold ball that had the feeling of wet sand when I tried to break it up it just mushed together more, its almost unusable and I have talked to a few other people that have said the same thing.
the black shade has a much more pigment feel to the rest of the regular ones, the color reminds me a lot of the starlit night which came out with the Christmas line a tartan tale.
The teal is my favorite color hands down from the stack its just a very vibrant color that looks great wet as well as dry and blends like a dream. The silver is the same way very strong color presence and worth the buy. If you can get your hands on it please totally worth it.

Hanging loose
creme finish

this a is a great nude polish for the summer especially because of its finish that gets better with the tanner you get, and it doesn't matter what your skin tone is . It has a much better wear than most mac nail polishes and doesn't separate quickly like most do. The best of the two colors released this season.

Ocean dip
creme finish

This is a darker green in the collection. Not a big fan of it the wear is terrible it only lasted me two hours before it started chipping and I wasn't even doing anything that day, the dry time is pretty terrible too. Like I said not a big fan of this color buying it for having it from the rest of the collection.

Fashion Flower
I know I'm terrible I only bought one thing from this collection, this was one of those things that was not very impressive and most of the colors were re-runs how ever I did manage to pick up one thing.

Alpha girl
compressed powder blush

I am not one to buy blush as many people know from the statement above explaining everything, although when I saw this I fell head over heels for it. Its a soft coral color that brings out the cheek bones when you share it with a soft highlighting powder. It also has a great matte finish so you don't have to worry about the oily look later on in the day. Great for all skin types because it stayed on all day.

Quite cute
love love love this collection, I am not a big fan really of things that are japanese trendy inspired but you can't help but adore these items.

I <3 u
plush glass

even though its a transparent shade of lavender and you have to deal with the annoying tingly feeling of wearing a plush glass this was worth the purchase because for not being all that sticky it really does stay on for a good amount of time and is a great price for the product that you get. This I would have to say if your in the mood to buy and they have it get it, but its nothing all that special just a fun night out color.

Ice cream cake
creme finish

A very vibrant pink its almost like a barbie girly hot pink. The wear of the nailpolish itself is alright. You have to do four coats to get its full affect and make sure to do a base coat just to keep it from chipping. Its definately more work than its worth. I wouldn't really even bother with this color.

Mischievous Mint
creme finish

Now this is a color that I very much enjoy, the pigment in it is strong its a fun color to wear no matter where you go and its very versatile I have worn it with both a matte finish as well as a shine finish. I went up to a week before I saw my first chip and the drying time is also great on this one as well. If you can find it buy because it is a great addition to any collection

Little Girl Type
creme finish

This a purple nail polish that is very similar to the mint in wear and pigment as well as how long it stays. Very versatile and great deal for your money. Once again if you can get your hands on it I would recommend to my best friend.

Thank you so much to everyone that did come back to my blog as well as anyone who is new or has happened to stumble upon it in their passings. Sorry for the short reviews, many of the things are the same as others so there is really no point to me repeating myself over and over. I really hope we can get this blog back off the ground and get some more followers. Now that is summer I am going to start updating more as well as getting more brands out there in my journeys hope everyone has a wonderful day. =]

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