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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better late then NARS

So this is a little late of a post for this but I couldn't figure out as to why I haven't posted this soon.

Name: Nars Danmari "all about cheeks" palette
Price: $65.00
Where to buy: This was limited edition holiday palette I did buy this from Sephora, there are people on ebay trying to sell it, so if you don't mind paying a lot of money for it you can probably find it there.

What I love about this palette besides the great value you are getting from a high quality brand.
you're getting 6 almost full sized products for the price of two. In a well made simple black palette that not only looks good plus is highly convenient. The large mirror inside doesn't hurt either.

you get four blushes, one highlight, and a bronzer/contour. So really your possibilities are endless.

Blushes. The blushes listed are in the permanent collection and can be bought out side of the palette so do not fear if there is something that you like you can buy still buy it just not all together.

Orgasm - Is a coral pink with an over tone of orange/gold sparkle that will give you that subtle glow in the sun without making you look like you washed your face with a glitter towel.

Super Orgasm - A soft pale pink with a more silver glitter over tone that just like orgasm will not give you an overly shiny face but will help with a reflective glow.

Desire - A loud matte barbie pink color, that is pretty daring, the color pay off is pretty extreme I used only a small bit and it was still pretty noticeable although if you are light and you work on blending it on to your cheek bones with your fingers the color will soften up. Otherwise it can be a pretty shocking look.

Sin - This color was interesting because it will come out different depending on your skin tone. I found that because I have a little skin with pink under tones that it gave a brown gold look. it does have a little bit of a shimmer too it. This is one of my favorite colors it reminds me of star violet eyeshadow from mac. This is only on my skin tone though so it may vary for you.

Bronzer- Just like the blushes this is permanent. So don't worry you can still get this color you may just have to buy it individually.

Casino - I was surprised by the lack of pay off from this color, normally Nars bronzers have a stronger look to them, I really had to pack it on to get a good coverage going. Once I did it had a orange tan effect to it with a slight gold shimmer. So it wasn't a complete failure but still the pay off was a little disappointing especially since the blushes came out so nicely

Highlighter - This one can be found in the Hungary heart duo that is sold separately and is permanent.

Hungary heart (1)

This is a highlighter that I absolutely love to the bottom of my heart. I have the Hungary heart duo with this inside, that I use almost everyday. So when I found that this was also in the palette I jumped for joy since I was beginning to run low.

This a great highlighter with some of the best pay off I have seen in a long time. the shimmer is subtle but the white undertone is what really does the trick it gives your cheek bones that great lift without being over dramatic, and the because its subtle it works for the majority of skin types where as with a skin finish you do need to find your shade and that can be a little bit of a pain in the butt.

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