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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going a little Psycho for some real Hair Candy.

My good friend Erica, has created her own line of hair bows, called Psychohaircandy
you can find her bows at

Now these are going to be honest testimonials because this is a review site, it is my honest opinion and I will not being sugar coating anything because she is my friend, so please don't even bother with the "friend" comments.

I recently purchased a few different sized bows

Affordable is one of the biggest loves I have for these bows. Especially with the trend getting larger this season its nice not to pay out the ear for a bow. ranging from $2.50 - $8.00. Possibly more if you're looking into having her make you a custom bow either way you'll have a hard time finding a place that will be lower then her prices for the same thing.

What I love about these bows besides the unique shapes as well as vivid colors. Is really the size as someone with thick coarse hair its not always the easiest time to put into your hair and on top of that they are not always sized so that you're amount of hair isn't overwhelmed by it.

She even makes smaller ones as you can see from my top picture which for people with the thinner hair or who have a more subtle preference it allows them to also join in on the fun of it.
Another really big pro of all of this is the salon prongs. That won't pop, break, or slide out of my hair, when you have hair issues thin or thick you tend to stay towards, what works best for your hair. I have yet to try it out on thinner hair but for someone who has snapped her fair share of clamps. I have to give a shout out to Erica for taking the time to invest in the prongs.

I guess this is the part where I have to find some constructive criticism in the bows but really I like the ones I buy. and I've never had a problem with them all though when they have little things in the middle ( coca cola bottle. skull, bottle cap.etc ) there might be a different angle to glue them in because when I do wear them they tend to tilt and not look completely up right but this might also be the way that I am wearing them.

Also other big and final flaw, she makes two many cute bows so she is leaving me broke. but at least I'll look going being broke

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