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Friday, July 2, 2010

Eyes Lips Face

So I have been hearing about this company forever and ever. Thinking that they were going to be one of those stupid wanna be cheap makeup sites I ignored it over the years. Well I am kicking myself in the ass for waiting this long to make a move on the site. Let me just tell you I went on for the first time and fell in love. Makeup brushes were incredibly cheap their basic line was $1.00 a brush, then they had their studio pro brushes. They are starting at $3.00. I picked myself up 9 brushes, a mineral facial primer and after getting to $20.00 I was able to receive a free bronzing kit. So I got all of this for $25? HELL YEAH! The products are really really great for the amount that I paid for them. I am big user of Mac, Nars, Chanel products but these have won me over.
I know that I will be returning to the site for future products especially for the little things and basic things like brush cleaner, facial wipes, cases. All these great things so if your looking for a new line of products, a MUA who is starting or just would like to save some money. You should really consider giving this site a look at.

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