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Friday, June 11, 2010

NYX Shadow Base


I'm always looking for a new product that works best for me, as a longgggggg time fan of NYX cosmetics. I was more than delighted to hear that they had finally come out with a eyeshadow primer, I have always loved their face primers. So I managed to grab up a container of their base in "skin tone" and I have to say there is nothing not to love about this. Its got the sheen of prep + prime, with the texture and thickness of primer potion. Although I would strongly suggest applying this with a brush/applicator you can still use your finger its completely your choice. I've been using it for about 2 days now. It does not move, like at all where after a long day I'd have most bases, pretty much melt on my eyes and I would experience really bad creasing and that is really not an attractive thing to see at all. Even after working a full day there was no movement and my eyeshadow stayed really bold and fresh looking, it was really refreshing to go out and know that my makeup was going to stay the way it did when I left my house.

So I would HIGHLY suggest getting your hands on this it comes in "skin tone, vibrant white, white", how could you pass up such a great deal?. I would give this one two thumbs up for sure.

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