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Monday, February 27, 2012

Viva Glam Nicki And Ricki

MAC has recently launched the new line for their Viva Glam AIDS/HIV Awareness Campaign
using Nicki Minaj and Ricki Martin as their current faces.

Nicki Minaj
Price: $14.50
Where To Buy: All mac counters and pro stores,

Even though mac already has a variety of pinks from snob to Nicki pink Friday
this pink is unique in its own sense because its a beautiful combination of yellow and pink with a satin finish so it'll be smooth and still longer lasting than a creme sheen or an amplify.
I think that this pink can be flattering on anyone that is willing to give it a shot dressing it up or dressing it down this pink is versatile.

One of the things I really like about this color is that its not sheer and really stays bold without being obnoxious, The best part of all is that all of the proceeds go to AIDS/HIV awareness.
The only thing that stinks about this is that it sells out pretty quickly I was able to get the last one at Macy's when Bloomingdale's was sold out. Even if you are not able to buy one I would suggest asking to try it out.

Ricki Martin Lip Conditioner
Price: 15.00
Where To Buy: All mac counters and pro stores,

This product was released for the male side an ricki martin fans a like. This lip conditioner has the same as the regular one that is being sold at the counter but since its part of the campaign all the proceeds go to the awareness and if you need a lip conditioner you might as well pick up the this one for the same price and get to be part of the cause.

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