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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BB Cream has hit the U.S.A

Beauty Balm Cream By Two Faced
Price: $32.00
Where To Buy: ulta, sephora,

The product that everyone is talking is finally here, and its safe to say that it's taken the country by storm. Having seen the various cosmetic companies that are producing this product. There is no shortage of choices out there for everyone to find their preference. From drugstores to cosmetic counters this something that you might find you won't be able to escape from for a while.

Beauty balm is a trend that started in parts of Asia and has worked its way to the united kingdom and finally over to the united states. Its a smooth cream that is really a thick tinted moisturizer but what makes this different? The light reflecting beads inside giving you the smooth shine look without looking oily and keeping your skin fresh looking throughout the day underneath your foundation or by itself if you prefer there is really no end to the amount of ways that you can wear this product. Just by swatching it alone onto my hand I was pretty impressed by this product. I've tried some of the drugstore brands that were cheaper but really you're getting what you pay for, the cheaper ones tend to be a lot thinner and have a greasy feel to them your much better just getting a decent tinted moisturizer and saving yourself the trouble.

Two faced as created one that is thick and creamy that sits over your skin as opposed to sinking into your pores giving you that dried out tired look. The smell is something that isn't all that wonderful but the pro's of the product will make you over look that. I've heard in other sites that were talking about the product that they worried it would give them a greasy look. But having warn it all day. It's far from it, whether you use it as a illuminator or over you're entire face it gives you a really healthy even glow and looks even better over a tan. It all depends on someone's preference.

Overall if this is something you are interested in I would highly suggest going out and taking a look at it and giving it a test. It'll be worth your while

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