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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

Dirt Little Secret Dry Shampoo By Bed Head
Price Range: $17- $20 depending on store
Where to buy: CVS,Ulta

As a girl with dry coarse curly hair, I'm not in too desperate a need for a dry shampoo but when you need it is something that is a great thing to have. The smell is wonderful fairly fruity and not too over powering. Application is super simple its the same technique as if your putting hair spray in. Which makes it very convenient because you know it will coat evenly and not build up on your hair, although as a warning if you do put it too close to your hair your bound to have old lady looking hair with white residue so please make sure its 6 inches from your head you'll thank me later for that. Especially if you have dark hair. Unlike a lot of dry shampoos out there another great thing is that you don't need a lot of this product. Depending how greasy your hair gets, if your hair gets greasy really easily I wouldn't suggest this because its fairly pricey to be using that amount on your hair. Honestly your better off just washing your in the shower.
One of the other cons is the price its really pretty pricey for dry shampoos I know there are few others that range for a lower price. This one is great quality and brand that I have come to trust and hasn't let me down. If you get the chance and are willing to spend the money I would recommend this for someone to try. It'll leave your hair light, fluffy and clean feeling with a fresh smell. like they say "keeping you feeling fresh between hair washes"

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