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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be Daring!

Victoria's Secret Incredible Daring
Price: $49.00
Where To Buy : Victoria Secret Retail Stores,

Shopping through mall today I was able to get a chance to sample this new scent from the incredible line. Although not available til after valentine's day. This is one you'll see people lining up for. So hurry quick I have a feeling this is one that is going to be selling quickly.

The scent is dewy freesia flowers surrounded with luminous orange blossom and sensual musk. Making it light and fresh which is perfect for the warm weather season that is coming upon us. Just like the other scents its perfect for every occasion. Being able to stay feminine and not worry about your scent being heavy and over bearing this will be the smash of the summer.

The bonus? a free lotion with perfume purchase. New improvements to the puff spritz with a twist able open and close valve to prevent leakage and bring a new longer life to the method of application. So say good buy to spritzer going bad and enjoy more than just the classic look of the perfum and actually have it work when your ready to spray it.

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