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Monday, June 7, 2010

Covergirl Smokey Shadow Blast


My friends were talking about this one the other day and I thought since I haven't read to many reviews on this I would post one myself, well let me go by saying this DO.NOT.WASTE.YOUR.MONEY on this piece of shit, this stuff is so god awful it actually made me laugh and than pissed because I spent the money on it one of the first times I've bought drugstore makeup in a while. I tried wearing this two different times two different ways, the first was through the way the instructions say so I did everything exactly the way it should be done by the instructions, it creased within the first 5 minutes, these are way way way too creamy to be used its worse than putting grease sticks on your eyes by themselves its just horrible and sticky I felt at times like I was trying to glue my eyes into the back of my head. Than I decided to try and use primer and than set it with eyeshadow, it wasn't as bad as the first time with the shadow sticks by themselves but it was still really bad, it took a few hours this time for it to crease. It was pain to get off and its just piling everything on to your eyes and its just not fun what so ever, so basically I warning do not for any reason use these they are trying to coin the term smokey eyes done easy but its really hot mess done fast. Epic fail on covergirl's part.

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