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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Alright so this is one I get alot being that I am someone who wears alot of makeup especially in the eye area. Alright so I picked up a few eye primers for a start they were as the following

Prime Time - Bare Essentials
Prep + Prime - MAC
Shadow Insurance - Two Faced Cosmetics
High Voltage Eyes -Kat Von D
Primer Potion - Urban Decay

Prime time I absoultely loved it comes in a convient twist container, the coverage and wearability are great I would work 6-10 hour shifts and didn't have any sign of creasing the price is a great its in the range of $16 the only thing that I am not a fan of is its size i mean it only lasted me 3 weeks and that was only using a small drop but thats really my only complaint if your looking for something convient and travel size this is great choice.

Prep + Prime this one is one that I have to say that I have the biggest amount of mixed feelings on. With I thought with MAC backing it up it would be great quality, Its super oily since it is a oil based primer so do not by any means use your fingers to apply it because the oils in your skin are going tor throw it off and cause creasing so its going to totally screw you over and defeat the purpose of even using it in the first place. The price is $18 which isn't too bad because its in the range with the rest of the primers. Also even if you use a brush and all that jazz if you hot or oily eyes or even "sweaty eyes" its not going to work so unless you have dry or normal eyes its not going to be worth your while

Shadow Insurance was another one that I did actually enjoy its about $17 and is a good choice if you have oiler eyes and hot eyes cause the formula is thicker also being its water based you can use your finger to apply it and wont have to worry about your eye shadow going all over the place it also blends well so there are no clumps so if your looking for something in the cheaper range i would definately go with this one

High Voltage Eyes not a huge fan of this one I love love love kat von d but this not one of her finer creations because honestly its one of those primers that you have to be careful how much you put on because it will get lumpy if that makes any sense. And if you have hot eyes it will crease after a few hours or if your a heavy blinker trust me there are people out there in this world who do blink way to much for their own good. Although I have to say the price and the amount that you get are pretty good its about $15 and the jar is a good size so if your a beginner or are looking to get her collection would try this out.

Primer potion I really don't have a sure anwser for this I do like that you are able to use your finger or the wand to put it on. So what ever your preference you'll be able to do its also good if you have hot or greasy eyes it will stay on and help control alot of that problem it is all good for using pigments and keeps them looking bright on your eyes all day as for price range its up there with the higher ones at $18.

so depending on what your looking for and what your skin type is like I hope that these reviews have helped you in making the decision to which of these primers can help you the best with your eyeshadow journey.

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