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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kat Von D Pandora Train Case

So Today I managed to get to sephora in my local mall and squeeze past all of the girls getting their makeup done for prom I noticed that there was one of her train cases left so ofcourse I had to buy it was insane how much it cost though a total of $73 USD and this was just for the case.

Bringing it home and opening it up I have to say I was not impressed at all! sure the box is really really pretty and light weight its good if you have a light makeup collection and/ or just looking to get her entire collection and adding this to the piece, the box is not deep enough that was my main concern it had pouches for all of my brushes but unless you buy her brushes or smaller ones at sephora your not going to be able to carry them in it the lid wont close on it. the inside is alittle fragile to the dividers are too short and slide around alot so even though its supposed to leave your makeup all sorted out, it only just makes a bigger mess.

Another thing was that the price is really out of control there is no need for a box that is fairly small to have to cost that much I love KVD but this is was not worth almost $80 it really wasn't your better off going to MAC or a Harmons and getting really good quality cases for not that much I would really suggest going to MAC because they are the makeup professionals and will have the best products for you if you are doing your makeup seriously and want something that wont cost you and arm and a leg and will last you forever

so case in point thumbs down on the makeup case it was really big bummer because I thought that it was not only going to be a really cute find but a good sturdy one too and other than a money waster an some eye candy this bag is not worth your time.

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