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Thursday, June 3, 2010

On10 Schweppes

Club Soda Mosturizing Clear Lipstick by Schweppes On10

from Sephora $6.00

I have to say I love love love this its amazing not only does it come in a cute little box with an old fashion pin up on it and that it comes at a great price, but it tastes great , doesn't bother your lipstick or lip gloss and lasts forever.although the ginger-ale taste is not exact its pretty darn close, their actual flavor ginger ale tastes nothing like it so your better getting this one. Its alot bigger and tastes alot better also costs less.

As for wearability I have been wearing it all day and had to only reapply it twice and this is after eating and drinking so I give alot of credit to that, and after all these hours my lips feel great so to have something that works instantly and see results is a rare thing but this has what it takes so if you can go out and get this whenever the next time you go to sephora.

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