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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delectable Self Tanning Mousse

$42.00 4.4oz

I visited the Clarins counter at macy's the other day to see what all the talk was about I was able to get a free sample. The sample is a fairly large one enough to cover your arms and legs a few times. So when I got home I gave it a shot thinking it can't be too bad for being a free sample so even if it bombed there would be nothing to loose.

After putting it on I have to say I have mixed feelings about it, although its really rich and creamy and very light to say the least, it even smells nice. After putting it on it goes on clear and starts to form like anyother self tanner but there is also SPF-15 in it so its also encouraged to try it out when you go in the sun as well to quicken the amount of time it takes you to get your tan to start. So I thought great this went really well, here is the part that had me alittle up in the air after everything. You have to be super super careful when your applying it because if you don't put it on really even its going to streak and I would suggest putting on a wash cloth or something because it does indeed stain your hands even if you wash your hands right away which was kind of a bummer, so being that it was clear and thought I would just do a little section it streak a bit but the color that I got from it was different than anything I have gotten the color is actually a nice brown color not that nicotine yellow/orange you would get from most of other spray/rub on tanners, and like I said the smell is also really nice.

So I would say if you have the money a steady hand and the time to get to the mall that you should try it because it is nice when your really careful with it and you don't need to apply it alot which is even better, although personally I think the price is a bit much the color is worth it. So I would suggest trying to get a free sample when you get a chance bring it home and try it out.

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