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Friday, June 4, 2010

Twi-shadowssssss woooooo


Alright I've gotten a few requests from my friends/other people Irl/blog asking me about twi-shadows, they are pigments from the website above that are designed and named after the characters of twilight so I had managed to pick up a few

Big brother - Emmett
Dear mom - Esme
The perfect cute - Carsile
Mind reader- Edward
Mood Swing- Jasper
Premonition- Alice

Big Brother is probably my favorite because its green, its a pale dusty light green that is really great versatility, whether you put a lot of or a little you can go light or dark and it blends in with most other eyeshadow, it had a nice glisten to it too, i usually put it with white so it has something to cling to, this one if your going to buy it I highly suggest this one.

Dear Mom is a baby pink its very subtle, that for the best results layer it on top of another color or really pack it on because of the fact that it is so sheer I would recommend this for someone with a tan or a fairly darker skin because I know having very light skin it doesn't show up as well on me as I would like but its still a really nice color none the less and its good for a collection's sake.

The Perfect Cure is a nude/tan color that give your eye lids an even look especially if your tan depending on how much you use, I personally think this is a huge staple in the collection, if put on light or heavy or mixed with white its perfect just wear by itself as well.

Mind Reader is a navy blue with a tint of shimmer, this is a really elegant color, it brings out the the best in light eye colors, I have brown/green eyes and it really made my eyes pop, I loved it and it really does go with anything I would suggest that when wearing this color that you do wear this alone because it will when layered with other colors take over the focus and pretty much make your other eye shadows disappear.

Mood Swing is a very very pale Gray color that has a gold tint to it, it is a very cold shade where the others really have a different feel to them expressing each character, this one is the most cold, simple color, when wearing this its best to use as a small part of your eye like I would not suggest this to be the center of attention because its really not something to use for catching a lot of attention for turning heads, this one is probably the least favorite of the collection.

Premonition is probably one of the most beautiful shades in the collection, its a dark purple with a gold shimmer to it, its a really heavy color probably the second heaviest next to mind reader that I talked about earlier in the review, this is another that I would suggest wearing by itself or I would even suggest paring it with mind reader because they contrast each other really really well and bring out the beauty of your eyes this one especially for the darker eyes so really everyone can find that shade that they can love.

Over all I have to say that I really enjoyed these eye shadows, there are still a few others in the collection that once I am able to get my hands one them I will be able to do a review on, and let you know which ones will work best forever one.

also a little side note if there is something you would like to hear a review about feel free to let me know whether its in the comments or in a message I'd be glad to do some research and help everyone out to the best of my abilites.

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