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Friday, June 4, 2010

Humid eyeshadow by MAC

Go to the beach collection

So I was at my local mac counter for the new go to the beach release, I picked up Humid because I needed a dark green for my eyeshadow collection and this one the shade I had been looking for as much as I love mac this eyeshadow I was not overly thrilled with the results, the color is really pretty in the casing, but once you put it on whether your doing it by itself or on top of another color, it really can't hold it self well, I've used it both standing alone and on top of other colors, it will either rub off ( and this is after I used primer) or when it is placed on top of another color it will absorb into the other color and make it a big hot mess, and I know what your thinking "your not blending it right, your angles are off" truth is I had thought the same thing at first but I have tried everything from doing the crease/corners alone, i've blended it out a million different ways.
It just does not hold well, and even with good primer I now use NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base it still creased it pretty much melts off your face and the color is not very vibrant. So really my decision is up in the air about it, I liked it because i'm big on having collections so thats nice part to it, but other than that I would try this out at the counter first before purchasing it and making your own decision because everyone has a different skin tone and texture.

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